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AKHENATEN & THE ORIGINS OF MONOTHEISM - Prof James Hoffmeier is a Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History & Archaeology at Trinity International University. From 1975 to 1977 he worked with the Akhenaten Temple Project in Luxor. He directed excavations at Tell el-Borg, Sinai from 1998-2008 and has appeared in and served as a consultant for television programs on the Discovery, History, Learning and National Geographic Channels. Professor Hoffmeier has recently published a book on Akhenaten with the same title as the lecture. PIRAMESSES: THE CITY OF RAMESSES II a lecture by Dr Edgar Pusch who was Field Director at the site of Qantir-Piramesse, situated at the eastern edge of the Nile Delta, about 110km northeast of Cairo and 80km west of Ismailia. Since 1980, an international team has been working here. It was the capital and residence of Ramses the Great and his followers between ca.1300 and 1000BC. The project uncovered the largest foundry for bronze-production ever excavated where tons of bronze was processed in a single day. These foundries were part of larger high-temperative workshops, reaching an almost industrial scale operation. These include the best-documented Late Bronze Age glass making and glass colouring workshops specialising in ruby-red glass, and huge faience factories for architectural pieces and decorative objects such as jewellery and ornaments. A chariotry with adjacent workshops, training ground and unique stables for more than 480 horses allow a deep insight into a subject known to us otherwise from contemporary literature only. Animal bones give an insight not only into the fauna of the Nile Delta and the diet of Piramesse's inhabitants, but also indicate that a bone workshop was active here. The finds demonstrate the presence of a 'menagerie' of exotic animals in the residence, or at least that trophies were brought to Piramesse including lions, elephants, giraffes, gazelles and antelopes, all of which were extinct in Egypt in Ramesside times.

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