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Excel is a spreadsheet application used to organise and analyse data. This course will teach you how to use the Excel working environment to create, open, save, format and print spreadsheets. Topics covered include: Enter, format and edit data; use the basic built-in tools to facilitate spreadsheet use; create formulas to do calculations; use basic functions in formulas; use relative and absolute cell references; create charts; insert comments; apply worksheet protection; templates; use lookup tables; create, sort and filter simple databases; keyboard shortcuts; file formats and more. Knowledge of the Windows environment is essential. Enrol in this course and intermediate Excel at the same time for the discount fee for both courses. This course uses Excel 2021.

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STARTED 48534D - Thu 9.00am 6 June 2 wks x 6 hrs (Wea Centre)
STARTED 48534E - Wed 6.30pm 10 July 4 wks x 3 hrs (Wea Centre)

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Standard: A$431.00
Discount: A$388.00
Concession: A$378.00

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