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Growing Garlic

GARLIC (Allium sativum) has been grown and used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. A bulbous perennial plant of the lily family, it is used mainly for flavouring. In this course we will introduce many new and innovative ideas which you can apply at home, in the garden and for medicinal and other uses.

The course is divided into a number of sections, including:

1. A brief history of garlic and its spread across the world since ancient times

2. How to grow your own garlic successfully at home

3. The food, medical and other uses of garlic

4. Some facts and fiction about garlic

You will also be given some additional reading which you can access through your local library or the Internet. I'll also give you Internet addresses to look up for yourself). As we progress through the course, you'll be given a few simple self-tests to check on your progress. Don't forget, garlic is both a practical herb which provides excellent medicinal properties, is a marvellous aid to gardening, has few insect pests and can be grown easily by anyone.

Number of pages: 22

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